Fedora 14

Fedora 14 がリリースされました。Fedora Project のサイトがリニューアルされていました。日本語のサイトがとりあえずありますが、日本語に翻訳する協力者が少ないのでしょうか、相変わらずほとんど英語の説明です。自分も翻訳に協力したいのですが、時間が割けません。

さて、今回のリリースの目玉はというと...、ニュースの記事のように一言ではまとめられないので、Releases/14/FeatureList を、下記に転載しました。

Name Summary
Boost 1.44 Update Boost to the upstream 1.44 release
D Programming Add a D compiler (LDC) and D standard runtime library (Tango)
EC2 We will provide a concurrent release of Fedora 14 and above on the Amazon EC2 cloud
Eclipse Helios Update Fedora's Eclipse stack to Helios releases
Erlang R14 Update Erlang to the upstream R14 release
Gdb Index This project will remove the useless indices from the .debug files, and will replace them with an index that greatly speeds up gdb
GNUstep GNUstep development environment for Fedora
ipmiutil An easy-to-use fully-featured IPMI server management utility
libjpeg-turbo libjpeg-turbo is fork of the original libjpeg project. It contains numerous performance related enhancements and is at least twice faster in JPEG compression/decompression than original libjpeg on platforms with MMX/SSE instruction set.
KDE 4.5 Rebase to KDE Plasma Desktop 4.5
Memory Debugging Tools The gdb debugger has been extended with new commands that make it easier to track down and fix excessive memory usage within programs and libraries
NetBeans 6.9 Re-base to the NetBeans 6.9
Open SCAP Provide open-source Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) framework, basic set of applications and OVAL/XCCDF security content
Perl 5.12 Update to Perl 5.12
Python 2.7 Update Python to the upstream 2.7 release
Rakudo Star The Rakudo Star releases includes the Rakudo compiler, modules, Blizkost and documentation. Rakudo is an implementation of the Perl 6 specification for the Parrot virtual machine.
Spice Spice aims to provide a complete open source solution for interaction with virtualized desktops
Sugar 0.90 Provide the latest Sugar Learning Environment (0.90), including an enhanced activity set to provide an stable demo environment for Sugar as well as an environment for developers
Ruby 1.8.7 Update Ruby to the upstream 1.8.7 release

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